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Print out this Mold-Making form and

  • fax us at (212) 243-6374 or
  • call in the information to (212) 367-7561.

The Compleat Sculptor, Inc. Technical Support Department

will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible

Name: __________________________________________________
Company: ____________________________________________________
Street Address: _______________________________________________
City: ____________________________ State: _______ Zip: _________
Phone Number: (____) ____ - _____ Fax Number: (____) ____ - _____
e-mail Address: _______________________________________________

____Wood ____Plaster ____Cement
____Metal ____Stone ____Wax
____Plastic ____Plasteline ____Clay
____Other  _______________________  
Materials to be cast into mold:  ______________________________________
Are you using fillers, additives or aggregates:  ______________________________________
Is casting to be painted or patined?
____   No ____   Yes
Type of Mold:
____Brush-on ____Poured (Box) ____Poured (Blanket) ____Spray
Do you have access to:
 ____ Pressure(P)/Vacuum(V)? ____ Scales? ____ Mixing equipment?
Physical Characteristics:
Flexibility ____Extreme
____Medium ____Low
Elasticity ____High
____Medium ____Low
Shore "A" Hardness of rubber ____(0-95)
Working time __________   Demold time __________  
Longevity of the mold ________________________________________________  
Number of castings required from the mold ____________________________________________  
Toxicity Requirements:
 ____ Low? ____ Medium? ____ N/A?