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Carbide Rotary Chisels - Very agressive on wood and stone. Not for fine detail.
Steel Burrs - A wide mix of abrasives for many materials.
Kutzall Carbide Burrs - Structured and Grit. Available in: Structured Point for wood and stone. Grits for aggressive removal on stone.
Solid Carbide Burrs -Single cut for stone and wood, 2 cut for bronze and other nonferrous metals, alumacut for aluminum and great for all soft stones.
Mounted Stone Burrs - For grinding and shaping of marble and other hard stones.
Diamond Burrs - Available in a varielty og quality levels. Diamond is the hardest material known to man. It is used for cutting /grinding stone, glass, non-ferrous metals and plastics.
Buzzout Carbide Burrs - Carbide coated rotary tools available in Medium, Coase and Extra Coarse.
Wire Burshes Wire Brush Burrs - Available in brass and steel.
See also Dremel Bits

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