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Carving Foam


CORAFOAM® (HDU) is a polyurethane foam specifically designed for a variety of applications including the signage, modeling, aerospace, architectural industries. With its excellent workability, grain-free consistency and broad range of densities (4lb/ft3, 8lb/ft3, 15lb/ft3 and 31lb/ft3), CORAFOAM® provides solutions to sculptors, architects and engineers alike.

These characteristics, combined with its resistance,most solvents, and moisture, make CORAFOAM® an ideal replacement for wood and other materials in signage, pattern making, sculpting, thermo-forming, and prototyping applications. CORAFOAM® can be cut with almost any type of tool. Its closed cellular structure and absence of fibers or granular structure result in crisp, excellently defined edges. Impermeable by any type of liquid, including water and solvents, it ideal for exterior and marine environments.

Order # Weight Size
792404121201 4lb. 12in. x 12in. x 1in.
792404244801 24in. x 48in. x 1in.
792404244802 24in. x 48in. x 2in.
792404244804 24in.x 48in. x 4in.
792404121205 12in. x 12in. x 5in.
792404121208 12in. x 12in. x 8in.
792408244801 8lb. 24in. x 48in. x 1in.
792408244802 24in. x 48in. x 2in.
792408244804 24in. x 48in. x 4in.
792408121201 12in. x 12in. x 1in.
792408121205 12in. x 12in. x 5in.
792408121208 12in. x 12in. x 8in.
792415244801 15lb. 24in. x 48in. x 1in.
792415244802 24in. x 48in. x 2in.
792415489601 48in. x 96in. x 1in.
792415489615 48in. x 96in. x 1-1/2in.
792415489602 48in. x 96in. x 2in.
792415121201 12in. x 12in. x 1in.
792415121205 12in. x 12in. x 5in.
792431244801 31lb. 24in. x 48in. x 1in.
792431489601 48in. x 96in. x 1in.
792431121201 12in. x 12in. x 1in.
792431121205 12in. x 12in. x 5in.

Balsa Foam
Easy to Carve File Saw Sand Impress Coat Paint.

Phenolic Balsa-Foam is different from all other kinds of foam. It was developed specifically for three-dimensional design and model making. Using a variety of conventional and not-so-conventional hand tools, you can easily create the shape and the detail you need.

Balsa-Foam is used by a growing number of industrial designers and model builders across the country because of how easily and quickly they can create detailed shapes.

Balsa-Foam is also ideal for school art projects. Balsa-Foam (BF I density) enhances student safety because if offers little resistance to sharp carving tools, greatly reducing the risk of slipping. Younger students can sculpt Balsa-Foam I with emery boards and wooden picks.
Working with Balsa Foam.
Balsa Foam I - The softest, easiest -to-work Balsa Foam offers speed and economy. It is ideal for quick form studies and concept models. Smooth texture, and excellent detail, but low durability without protective coating.
Order # Size
048029052426 6in. x 9in. x 1/2in.
2020734125 3in. x 4-1/2in. x 5in.
048029055212 9in. x 12in. x 1in.
202079125 9in. x 12in. x 5in.
18in. x 24in. x 2in.
2020718245 18in. x 24in. x 5in.
2020791220 9in. x 12in. x 20in.
Balsa Foam II - Still very easy to work, but much more durable than Balsa-Foam I. The Balsa Foam II density is hard enough for many vacuum form mold applications.
Order # Size
2021234125 3in. x 4-1/2in. x 5in.
048029102428 6in. x 9in. x 1/2in.
2021218241 9in. x 12in. x 1in.
202129125 9in. x 12in. x 5in.
2021218242 18in. x 24in. x 2in.
9in. x 12in. x 20in.

Styrofoam Balls
Order # Diameter # per package
202BA2S 2in. 12
202BA3S 3in. 6
202BA4S 4in. 2
202BA5S 5in. 1
202BA6S 6in. 1
202BA10 10in. 1
202BA16 16in. 1
202BA24 24in. 1

Styrofoam Disks


Order # Size
6in. D x 1.25in.
202D9125S 9in. D x 1.25in.
202D121WS 12in. D x 1in.
202CD36S 6in. D x 3in.
202CD39S 9in. D x 3in.
202CD312S 12in. D x 3in.
202CD314S 14in. D x 3in.
202CD316S 16in. D x 3in.
202CD318S 18in. D x 3in.

Styrofoam Cubes
Order # Size
5in x 5in x 5in
202888 8in x 8in x 8in
202101010 10in x 10in x 10in

Styrofoam Boards


Order #
4in. x 4in. x 2in.
8in. x 4in. x 2in.
12in. x 4in. x 2in.
18in. x 12in. x 2in.
18in. x 4in. x 4in.
18in. x 6in. x 6in.
202051212 12in. x 12in. x 6in.
20280B12W 36in. x 12in. x 0.5in.
20210B4W 36in. x 12in. x 4in.
36in. x 24in. x 2in.
202B36241 36in. x 24in. x 1in.
108in. x 24in. x 2in.
108in. x 24in. x 4in.
00FM 108in. x 24in. x 6in.

Styrofoam Cones


Order #
12in. x 4in.
202C125WS 12in. x 5in.
202C154WS 15in. x 4in.
202C184WS 18in. x 4in.
202C185WS 18in. x 5in.
202C42WS 4in. x 2.5in.
202C63WS 6in. x 3in.
202C94WS 9in. x 4in.

Styrofoam Hollow
Half Spheres
Order #
202BA8HH 8in.
202BA12HH 12in.

Styrofoam Rods
Order #
202SR3615 36in. x 1.5in.
202SR362 36in. x 2in.
202SR363 36in. x 3in.
202SR364 36in. x 4in.
202SR366 36in. x 6in.

Blue Foam Board
Order #
202SSB11212U 12in. x 12in. x 1in.
202SSB11224U 24in. x 12in. x 1in.
202SSB22424U 24in. x 24in. x 2in.
202SSB42424U 24in. x 24in. x 4in.
202-96241 96in. x 24in. x 1in.
202-96242  96in. x 24in. x 2in.
202-96243 96in. x 24in. x 3in.
202-96244 96in. x 24in. x 4in.

White Bead Foam
Order #
029121212 12in. Cube
2029121224 24in. x 12in. x 12in.
2029242424 24in. Cube
202482406 48in. x 24in. x 6in.
202489606 48in. x 96in. x 6in.
202489612 48in. x 96in. x 12in.
2029484836 48in. x 48in. x 36in.
2029489636 48in. x 96in. x 36in.


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