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Thermoplastic Products

  • Friendly Plastic

Drop these white pellets into warm water for just a few seconds and you're ready to sculpt or press into a mold. No special tools are required. And Friendly Plastic® pellets are completely reusable. If you don't like how the shape turned out, simply re-soften and start over. Perfect for children's projects. Easy-to-follow instructions included.
Order # Size
181S7002 3.5 oz.
18170002 28oz. jar
18170025 25lb. pail
- Click here for Friendly Plastic Instructions -

Often called the "Buckram replacement", this unique fabric is heat activated to achieve rigidity, stiffness and surface enhancement without the use of water or messy additives. Fosshape can be cut with scissors, will not fray like conventional woven fabrics and can be sewn to itself or other fabrics as a hidden stiffener or support for costuming. Fabric/costume steamers are the preferred method for forming the desired amount of rigidity and stiffness, but an industrial hot air gun may be used. Available in two weights.
Applications include: costuming, lightweight props, theater and set design work, scenic craftwork, puppetry, millinery headpieces and masks.
  • FOSSHAPE 300, 9.00oz / sq.ft.
Order #
Price / yd
1 yard; 45in. by 36in.
$13.99 / yd
  • FOSSHAPE 600, 18.00oz / sq.ft.
Order #
Price / yd
1yard; 45in. by 36in.
$25.99 / yd

Often referred to as the "Celastic" replacement, WONDERFLEX is a heat activated formable composite that contains its own adhesive and can be readily shaped and molded without the use of messy or hazardous solvents. An Industrial hot air gun is most often preferred to activate WONDERFLEX. With heat and pressure WONDERFLEX will easily bond to itself and to many other materials like leather, wood and fabric. Ideal for repairs. Applications include: masks, long lasting/sturdy props, animatronics, modeling and prototypes, theater and set design work, 3-D displays and one-of-a-kind creations for Special Events.
  • WONDERFLEX, per sheet 43in. x 55in.
Order #
Price / yd
Wonderflex Trial Size, 10-3/4in. x 13-3/4in. sheet
1 sheet
$63.99 / sheet
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