3M Bristle Brushes Safely Out-perform Wire Brushes

      "The injuries caused by flying wires are as old as wire brushes. But to receive the performance offered by wire brushes, we've had to put up with an occasional piercing sting. 3M Radial Bristle Brushes offer the cleaning and corrosion removal of a wire brush without the threat of injury," said a company spokesman.

      3M Bristle Brushes have been offering solutions in the aerospace and other high tech industries for years. The new six-inch size offers everyone the chance to place a new brush on their backstand or bench motor.

      The 3M Radial Bristle Brushes have abrasive-filled bristles that apply a continuous, fresh supply of mineral - without damage to the underlying surfaces. At your bench motor, the workpiece brushes away the inert material to expose abrasive that is harder and more conformable than a wire brush. It slashes away at paint or corrosion. When one grain of abrasive is used up, another is there to take its place.

      Durable yet flexible, 3M Bristle Brushes can clean rust from the inner edges of a screw or a housing, while leaving the surrounding metal undisturbed. While they conform to contours, they work equally well on flat surfaces.

      3M Bristle Brushes eliminate the dangers of flying metal wires posed by traditional wire brushes. No longer do wire brush users need to become "pin cushions" for flying projectiles breaking free from their brushes.

      In addition, the patented bristle design resists gumming and loading so radial bristle brushes last long and work fast on soft or hard metals to produce a consistent, uniform finish.

      In performance tests, 3M radial bristle brushes cut faster and more efficiently than wire brushes. On materials such as mild carbon steel, 3M radial bristle brushes outperformed .014 mil wire brushes as much 10 to 1 in cut rate testing. Plus, the 3 M discs do not require increasing pressures to optimize cut rates, making it easier on the user and the bench motor.

      Eighty percent of consumers testing this new 3M product indicated an interest in purchasing it, with more than half stating they would no longer buy traditional wire or nylon brush products.

      Ideal for MRO utility applications, coating removal, weld cleaning, deburring and finishing, these long-lasting 3M discs are available in grades 36, 50, and 80 and are color-coded for easy identification.

      3M Bristle Brushes are successfully replacing the pain of wire brushes with improved safety and higher performance.

      As with other bench motor accessories, users of bristle brushes should always use goggles, face shields, and appropriate protection for hands, arms, and body.