Creating Mind Blowing Skin Effects
& Appliances With Slacker

Tactile Mutator

Slacker is a versatile one-component silicone modifier for platinum silicones (Dragon Skin or Ecoflex) that allows the user to attain a variety of tactile effects. Applications includ creating a variety of special effects, creating Halloween masks, etc.

What Exactly Can You Do With Slacker?

A. Slacker will soften and alter the "feel" of the cured silicone. The user can vary the amount of Slacker added to the silicone mix to better simulate the feel of human skin (depending on the users' interpretation of what human skin feels like).

B. When added in high percentages to Dragon Skin (for example 1A:1B:3 Parts Slacker), the silicone becomes a "gel" which can be used to produce a gel filled special effects appliance or a medical cushioning appliance / device. We recommend testing the stability of the gel for your application.

C. Tackifier/adhesion promoter. When added to Dragon Skin (1:1:2 and higher), Slacker will cure to a tacky consistency that can be used to make a self sticking mask or appliance.

To give you an idea of you can expect by varying the amount of Slacker added to Dragon Skin, we offer the following.

Mix Ratio: Dragon Skin + Slacker™


1A:1B: 1 Part Slacker Soft, skin-like silicone. Has about the same feel as Ecoflex 0030 with less snap.
1A:1B: 2 Parts Slacker Much softer than the above, with a tacky surface.
1A:1B:3 Parts Slacker Gel-like consistency. Not easily handled and we recommend that the gel be contained in a membrane made of Dragon Skin or Ecoflex.

Other Things You Need To Know About Slacker:As the above chart indicates, Slacker will produce a tacky surface when mixed at a ratio higher than 1A: 1B : 1 Part Slacker. If you prefer a dry surface, you can powder the surface with talc.

When making a self-sticking appliance, it is recommended that a membrane be used on the top surface of the appliance that will feather out to the edge of the casting. It is recommended that a 1/8 inch section of membrane extend all the way around the appliance Brush membrane material into top section of the appliance mold. When tacky, pour in Dragon skin / Slacker mixture (1A:1B:2Slacker) into mold. Squeeze together and let cure. Press appliance onto skin and glue edges down with Skin Tite™ silicone adhesive.