Trow & Holden Pneumatic Hammer Instructions

Thank you for buying a T&H pneumatic tool through The Compleat Sculptor, Inc. As inventors of the first pneumatic carving tool in 1890, we had many years to perfect these tools and to expand our range of sizes to suit the needs of sculptors in many media. Whether you are working with small blocks of alabaster or large blocks of granite, we have the tool you require.

You may have noticed that your Trow & Holden pneumatic hammer has a number on it. That is a distinct serial number and holds all the information about your tool in it. Unique details of each batch of tools are kept on file, so if your tool ever needs repair, we can determine its exact specifications before beginning work. Each tool is guaranteed for life against breakage or defect. Because the tool has only one moveable part, it is difficult to wear it out. We know of tools that are nearly 1 00 years old and still in use.

Breaking In Your Tool

We made your tool to very precise specifications. The piston fits the cylinder with a .0002" tolerance, so that it will perform consistently and not wear out for a very long time. For that reason, it may take 1 or more hours of use before your tool reaches its maximum power level. We believe this slight reduction in power during early use will not significantly effect the tool's efficiency, but if it presents a problem, please call us to discuss your needs. If and when your piston ever wears out enough to need replacement, you will know by the excessive air leakage around the nose end. Please send the entire tool back to us so we can replace the nose bushing at the same time, thereby duplicating the fit and accuracy of a new tool. Replacement of the piston and nose bushing due to normal wear and tear are not covered by warranty.


A common sense approach to safety should be maintained while using any pneumatic stone working tool. To protect yourself from flying stone chips, always wear safety glasses whether you are using hand or power tools. You may find that you are generating more stone dust with your pneumatic hammer. We suggest that you install a dust collector or use a respirator. Because pneumatic hammers make a lot of noise, we recommend that you wear earplugs or protective muffs.

Gloves with wrist supports and shock absorbing palms may help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome and wrist strain, as well as increase your comfort. Strain and fatigue lead to accidents, so equipment that helps prevent these two conditions will improve safety. Don't forget that taking breaks and changing hand positions frequently while working will also help prevent fatigue.

The above items are available from us in various styles, for further information call our Customer Service Department at 1-800-9-SCULPT (972-8578).



General Operation

Your Trow & Holden pneumatic tool has a 1/2" or 5/8" nose bushing and is designed for use with the chisels having shanks of the same size. Be careful to order chisels with the proper size shank for

your tool.

Carving with a Trow & Holden pneumatic hammer and chisel is a two handed operation, much as it is with a hand hammer and chisel. The nose opening of your tool is round and does not have a retainer to lock a chisel into it. There are a number of advantages to this design. It increases the comfort of the person using the tool by allowing him or her to change hand positions frequently and easily. It also improves accuracy in fine work by rendering the chisels infinitely adjustable both in position and power use. And it means that you can discontinue power to your chisel instantly by simply withdrawing it from the nose opening, without disconnecting your pneumatic tool or turning off your compressed air supply.

There are several ways to adjust the striking impact of your tool. One is to withdraw the chisel from the hammer very slightly, until a suitable level of impact is achieved. Another is to reduce or increase the air volume, as needed using your flow valve regulator. You can also partially block off the exhaust outlet on your tool (using your thumb or finger) allowing some, but not all, of the air to escape. Set the air regulator to achieve maximum power to the tool (DO NOT exceed the air pressure rating of the compressor or the hose), then adjust the tool's power using the flow valve regulator. Experiment to discover what level of power suits you best. This will vary depending on the width of your chisel and the hardness of your material.


Your tool requires very little maintenance to run well. The most important procedure is to oil your tool before and after each use and every 2 hours while in use. If you feel this is creating an excess of oil, you may wish to purchase a line filter/oiler. This will lubricate your tool without flooding it and at the same time filter out dust and other contaminants.

Never use household oil in your pneumatic tool, as they can quickly gum up and rob your tool of power. Using the wrong oil or failing to adequately lubricate a tool are the primary causes of tool failure and repairs.

1 .Use only pneumatic tool oil

2. Place 2 drops of oil directly into the air inlet

3. Use good air & hoses-dean air keeps a clean tool

4. Make sure your air supply hose is in good condition

5. Keep your pneumatic tool clean-avoid using Teflon tape

6. Store the tool carefully-Wipe the outside surfaces clean and store in a lightly oiled cloth

7. Avoid running the tool without a chisel in place

8. If for any reason your tool does not run or stops running when air pressure is applied, try removing the chisel and, with the air still on, tap the nose end of the tool gently on a nonmoving surface. This should start the tool immediately and indicates that the tool is probably not getting enough lubrication. Try oiling more frequently.

9. Please feel free to call us at anytime to discuss your tool and its many uses and remember, Trow & Holden and The Compleat Sculptor support this product 100%



COMPRESSOR ACCESSORIES are available from The Compleat Sculptor, Inc.,

for further information call our Customer Service Department at 1-800-9-SCULPT (972-8578).